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DEMAZONG ENGLISH ACADEMY was established on 3rd March 2008. It runs classes up to Primary level for both boys and girls. The medium of instruction is English. Our vision is to inculcate those personal, social, cultural, global and spiritual values at various levels necessary to enable each child to blossom as a responsible and useful citizen of the country.

The school is suitably located in Barfung, approximately 4 km. away from Ravangla Market, South Sikkim. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the town, thus providing an atmosphere of peace and quiet for proper teaching-learning activity. Its picturesque landscape of lush green hills and valleys, majestic mountain peaks, serpentine roads, whispering pines and an extremely pleasant climate has earned it a well deserved reputation for having a most suitable environment for learning and education of young minds.  Demazong English Academy has been rendering service to the society by educating the poor children with emphasis on value-based learning.

The school aims at forming fully alive men and women, who will live and work for others and contribute to the building up of a just and fraternal society, to meet the needs of the time in the world today. The school aims at developing and empowering students with knowledge, values, experiences, attitudes and skills to face the many demands of life. The school believes in fostering love, unity, respect and sensitivity to one and all irrespective of caste, status and sex, by creating awareness of social, political, economical and ecological realities. These are done by providing opportunities for children to develop and explore their skills and attitudes.

All students are taught the essentials of religion which are acceptable to people of all faiths and efforts are made continually to develop and draw out true values in the life of all students.


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